Welcome to the page of the Munich Monks!!!

Complete beginners, national team players - all are welcome. We are already a mix of experience and inexperienced players.

Just how inclusive is Rugby? - Well, its the only sport where we NEED short, tall, fat, thin, strong and/or fast people. Theres a position for everyone! - so come and visit training and we'll help you find out which position you were born to play in!

Why have we set up a 'gay' team?
Gay Rugby teams already exist in Germany in Berlin (The Bruisers) and Cologne (The Crushers), and in other countries, they're growing like wildfire, (take a look at the IGR website if you don't believe me).

This isn't just sport practice, by joining an LGBT sports team you are supporting the LGBT community, providing a safe space for people to practice, exercise, learn and develop. You are also pissing into the face of homophobia, which is always great fun. It also provides a great place for LGBT persons to socialise outside of the 'typical' gay scene, with which some LGBT persons, particularly early on in life, struggle to identify with.

That having said - we are completely inclusive, welcoming and actively encouraging non-LGBT persons to come play with us to.

The one thing we will NEVER do, is discriminate against people because of who they sleep with, their language, ethnic or national origin etc etc. - We aim to provide a place for respect, and you'll soon learn that your rugby teammates quickly become more like rugby brothers.

What does Rugby mean?

Rugby means: TEAM - Bro's before Ho's and all that Lad shite!
Rugby means: placing trust in your team
Rugby means: supporting others & receiving support
Rugby means: being fair with one another
Rugby means: the team acting as one pack, to achieve one goal!

still got questions? still not convinced then join us at training (or in the pub):

THURSDAY : Starting NOV : 20:15 DANTE-GYMNASIUM Training in a Schoolsporthall. ( Please take your indoor Sportshoes with you!)

Saturdays : Meet us at Hirschgarten-Park around 11:00. Social get-togther in a sportiv way so you can see us "monks" in the Park. Please contact fpr Saturday-Meeting Niels (0176 61616194).

We hope to see you soon!

Munich Monks

Kontakt:  (Niels und Simon)